This page will be reserved for news from our members and news that they might find of interest.

All meetings begin at 12:30 unless otherwise specified. There is usually a one hour socialize and "snack" period (Between 12:30 and 1:30) before the actual meeting begins.

Note that all meetings unless otherwise specified are to be at the Hampton main branch public library on Victoria Blvd.

On April 24, 2016 we did a display at the Virginia Living Museum, taking part in their 50th anniversary celebration. Hoping we inspired many a young mind to find joy and fascination in the growing of these amazing plants in the future. The above photo, with thanks to member Rick Hopson, is of the plant display. There were also many educational displays. Thanks to everyone who made this a first class exhibit.

With kudos to our new vice president, Kathryn Bresnan and all those who may have helped her in getting the 2019 schedule nearly complete.

2019 schedule:

Jan. 12: "Stanhopeas", Garland Hanson from Richmond, VA.

Feb. 9: "Orchids of Brazil", Darrin Duling, from ODU Conservatory, Norfolk, VA.

March 9: Linda Thorne, from Seagrove Orchids, Seagrove, NC.

April 13: Martin Motes, from Motes Orchids, Redland FL.

May 18-purchased plant auction.

June 8-"Large Flowered Cattleya Species", Art Chadwick, from Chadwick Orchids, Richmond, VA

July 13-TBD

August 10-annual picnic, location TBD.

Sept. 7-Go-Green Expo at the Midtown Aquatics Center, 570 McLahome Dr., Newport News, VA. Time to be announced later.

Oct. 19-Donated Orchid Auction.

Nov. 16: Fred Clark from Sunset Valley Orchids, Vista, CA.

Dec 7: Holiday dinner and Orchid Bingo.

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