Alexander, Brian Green Cathedrals

A book about various rainforest climates.

Allikas & Nash Four Seasons of Orchids

Practical advice for growing orchids indoors and outdoors.

AOS Golden Guide- Orchids

Small pocket size book with illustrations.

AOS An Orchidist’s Glossary

An illustrated word book on orchid names, orchid terminology and orchid personages with pronunciation guide.

AOS Handbook on Orchid Culture

AOS Handbook on Judging and Exhibition

AOS Handbook on Pests and Diseases 2 copies

How to recognize and control scale, black rot, thrips, virus, leaf burn.

AOS Orchid Culture Under Lights written by Richard Peterson 2 copies

Brochure book with general information.

Belchel, Cribb & Launer Manual of Cultivated Orchid Species

Species and genera are described in detail with cultural notes on each genus. Generous color photos. A Comprehensive work.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Record Greenhouses & Garden Rooms

Greenhouse to cold frame growing, here is a good reference.

Brown, Paul Wild Orchids of Florida

Information on Atlantic, Gulf, and Coastal Plains and orchids found there.

Campbell, Stewart Angraecoid Orchids

Book covers orchids of Africa and Madagascar including habitat, flowering season and altitude preferences.

Cash, Catherine Slipper Orchids

Survey of all four genera with descriptions, history & hybridization.

Christenson, Eric Phalaenopsis, a Monograph

Keys to the species thorough descriptions, notes on taxonomy, hybridization and conservation.

Cootes, Jim Orchids of the Philippines

Information about orchids from the Philippines archipelago.

Cribb, Greatwood, & Hunt Handbook on Orchid Nomenclature and Registration

Handbook published by the International Orchid Commission in co-operation of the Royal Horticultural Society.

Cribb, Phillip, The Genus Paphiopedilum

Large book with larger print about this orchid genus.

Cullina, William Understanding Orchids

A great reference for the beginner to master orchid grower.

Dunsterville & Dunsterville Orchid Hunting in the Lost World - Venezuela

Exploration for orchids.

Erdmann, Duane Notes on Subgenus Brachypetalum

Self-published handbook.

Gordon, Bob Culture of Phalaenopsis Orchids

Good information about this orchid type. Spiral bound

Grove, David Vandas and Ascocenda & Their Combinations 2 copies

Great reference for Vanda genera.

Gupton & Swope Wild Orchids of the Mid-Atlantic States

Colorful introduction to the wild orchids which are easily interpreted by non-specialist.

Frowine, Steven Orchids for Dummies

Fun, easy to read reference about orchids.

Frowine, Steven, Miniature Orchids

Lovely book about mini orchids and their special needs.

Frowine, Steven Moth Orchids

Easy book to read about Phalaenopsis

Hands, Geoffrey Beginner’s Guide to Orchids

Nice photos and information for the beginner.

Hackney, Courtney, American Cattleyas

Historical perspective of cattleyas and hybridization in US.

Hawks, Alex Encyclopedia of Cultivated Orchids 2 copies

For the serious grower, this book outlines cultivated orchids. Book weighs a ton.

Holst, Arthur World of Catasetums

Interested in Catasetums, here’s the book for you.

Hsu, Chung Hsiung Quality Orchids in Color

Japan Orchid Grower’s Association Quality Stream Orchid Growing

Japan Orchid Grower’s Association Quality Stream Cattleyas

Keenan, Philip Wild Orchids Across North America

Orchid biology, ecology, history and conservation in North America.

Lavarack, Harris & Stocker Dendrobium & Its Relatives

About dendrobiums and their care.

Luebbermann, Mimi Easy Orchids, Simple Secrets for Glorious Gardens

Title says it all.

Northern, Rebecca Miniature Orchids and How to Grow Them 2 copies

Those with limited space will find this a good resource about miniature orchids and their special needs.

Northern, Rebecca Home Orchid Growing 2 copies

Another great book for orchid growers, novice to master.

Ortho Books Greenhouses

From building and outfitting your greenhouse, this is a good reference.

Ortho Books Complete Guide to Orchids

Endorsed publication by the AOS, this is a good reference for beginners.

Periplus Nature Guide Tropical Orchids of Southeast Asia

Concise information about this region’s orchids.

Pridgeon Alec Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids

Lots of information and pictures of orchids.

Raulerson & Rinehart Ferns and Orchids of the Mariana Islands

A signed copy. Discusses the ferns and orchids of certain islands of the Philippines.

Reinikka, Merle History of the Orchid

The discovery and growing appreciations for orchids is outlined in this book with biographical information of contributors to history.

Rittenhouse & Rittenhouse Orchids for Every Home

Eye-popping photography of orchids and care instructions.

Rittenhouse & Rittenhouse Growing Orchids

Easy to read and daydream about adding to one’s collection of orchids.

Rittenhouse & Rittenhouse Gardner’s Guide to Growing Orchids

This book dispels the mystery around growing orchids for the gardeners who have specialized in other forms of gardening.

Sheehan, Thomas Orchid Genera Illustrated

Illustrations of orchid anatomy for different species.

Sheehan, Thomas Ultimate Orchids

More photography than content about growing orchids.

Siegerist, Emily Bulbophyllums and Their Allies

A grower’s guide to this orchid type.

Stewart, Joyce Orchids

A book of general information for the beginner.

Sunset Orchids

A nice book with general information.

Turlock, John Growing Hardy Orchids

Growing terrestrial orchids for their hardiness, fragrance, and blooms.

Withner, Carl Cattleyas and Their Relatives Volume 1: The Cattleyas

Withner, Carl Volume II Laelias

Withner, Carl Volume III, Schomburgkia, Sophronitis, and Other S. American Genera

Withner, Carl Volume IV, The Bahamian & Caribbean Species

Withner, Carl Volume V, Brassavla, Encyclia, and Other Genera of Mexico & S. America

Withner, Carl Volume VI, South Amercian Encylia Species

A nice collection of books that focus on orchids by type.

Wisler, Gail How to Control Orchid Viruses

How to identify and diagnose cymbidium mosaic, odontoglossum ringspot and other major orchid viruses in layman’s terms. How to achieve a virus-free collection.